Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sneak Peak of Craft Room

So here is a sneak peak of my craft room. No surprise the walls are green! I chose a lighter green for my side and a darker green for my husbands side of the room.  It is still bursting at the seams (just a little sewing humor lol..) but I am slowly unpacking the boxes and finding my lost things from the big move. I am sharing this little room with my husband so his side is very business like (that is the way my daughter has described it) with all the computers and files and my side is well kind of a mess right now but you can see more of my personality shining through each day. I was able to hang all of my husbands frames and the shelves on his side of the room today (I got tired of tripping over boxes trying to get to my desk).  My sewing machines are up and that makes me feel like making stuff. Soon this will all be organized and I will post more pictures!!

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