Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Portland Treasures....

Things are finally starting to settle here at the new (old) house. We made a trip to Portland for work and fun a few weeks ago. I love Portland!!! I went boutique shopping with my wonderful friend Erin and found this awesome little green succulent! I love succulents and terrariums! I have been wanting to make one forever so this was such a fun and inexpensive little project and it reminds me of our lovely visit to Portland! I bought this succulent at Ink and Peat in Portland and found this glass jar/planter at Ikea for $12.00. I used a few cuttings from other plants I had on the porch and figured they would make a nice little addition to my kitchen window sill. Looks so delicate next to my little pretty green mister from Lowes. I have so many other projects like getting the molding and baseboards installed but this really makes me happy every time I look at it on the sill. If you ever go to Portland you must visit Ink and Peat, and Pistils Nursery (even if you just look at the awesome airplants and chickens). Another beautiful and whimsical place to visit is Flutter. Make fun of me if you want but I will want to buy it or make it if you put a bird on it! I found an awesome present for my step-son believe it not. It was a bull dog bottle opener! This is a great place to find inexpensive bird prints too!


Stay tuned for my fireplace makeover and my sewing craft room makeover.....

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