Thursday, July 14, 2011

Giddy Over Organic

I picked up my share of organic vegetables and fruit from Lucero Organic Farms. I met some wonderful people like Karen (owner) who greeted me with a warm hug! I was welcomed as a new member and I was eager to see how they pack the boxes. Lucero Organic Farms is only located a few miles away from our home here in Lodi, Ca. I actually ran by it a few weeks ago with my husband and did not reailze it was an organic farm. I received a beautiful array of zucchini, squash, cucumbers, red leaf lettuce, gourmet strawberries, peaches, and the cutest little carrots!!! I set up a scheduled pick up once a week and I am so excited to get all this fresh and delicious food! I was just giddy when I arrived home with my box. It was overflowing with color! I made a refreshing salad with cucumbers, strawberries and the lettuce, and steamed squash last night to accompany our dinner. If you have a chance to get local organic food you should really give it a try. Hmmm.. think I will go make dessert now (writing about strawberries makes me hungry). ;)

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