Sunday, January 15, 2012

My Weekly Routine

Many people ask me how I am able to make lunch everyday. Truthfully, I could not have a healthy, homemade, organic lunch unless I took some time to organize and plan it. I snapped a picture of my new ritual. I used to this everynight, but now that I find myself going back to school and working this ritual is going to be a sunday night ritual. I made 10 salads. One for every day of the week plus extra for my husband. I boil my eggs ahead of time and I wash all the organic lettuce and spin it dry. I took extra snacks like Fage Greek Yogurt with honey, a banana, organic apple, raw almonds, organic carrots, green tea bags, and a few cubes of organic white cheddar cheese. I purchased these Glad brand salad containters mainly because they were BPA free. I had some other larger round ones that had a small container for the dressing, but couldn't find them at Raley's. I have switched to using only olive oil and balsamic for dressing because it is better for me and now I do not spend money on the dressings that piled up on fridge door left to expire. I don't think the ziplock bags are okay but maybe if I find some more BPA free containers I will be able to switch them out soon! It takes work but I saved my self time in the morning and every evening. I didn't have to stress because I knew lunch was already taken care and I wasn't tempted to run across the street at get starbucks when I was at work this past week. I already had coffee, tea and healthy snacks at work!