Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Born Again Lace Cardigan Tutorial

The kids started school yesterday and I have been going through ratty, tattered, outgrown clothes for weeks. I came across this lovely cardigan at a school clothing swap before school ended months ago. It was free because there was a tiny hole near the tag on back. It looked as if it had been worn maybe once or twice so I could not just throw it away because of a tiny hole. Because it is still warm outside but the mornings are getting cooler, I thought it would be perfect to cut out the fabric and insert some pretty lace instead. My daughter can now layer this over a tee or tank top.

I forgot to take a picture of the sweater prior to cutting it but you get the picture. I basically just cut out the back leaving a little room for a seam and the binding on the top for neck and binding along bottom.


I carefully cut out the lace using the cut out from the back as a pattern. Remember to leave some room for the seam. (fig. 2)
fig. 3

I pinned the lace cut out to the sweater matching up the corners and edges.

fig. 4

I used a serger to serge the seams. I find that it makes it easier, faster and a little more comfortable when wearing it.

Now you have a lovely and breezy little transition cardigan! Best part is that I only paid $2.99 for the chantilly lace and I was able to utilize something old!

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