Friday, March 2, 2012

Going Natural and Absolutely Best Eyeshadow Ever

My family and friends are probably tired of hearing me talk about switching my food to organic! I have slowly been making changes to my beauty products and it hasn't been easy. If you personally know me, you recognize how I can spend hours and money in Sephora and also Ulta.

I have been searching for more and more products as I begin to run out of my favorite products. I used to swear I would not stop using my favorite products such as Philosophy Hope in a Jar, Fiberwig mascara, or my Nars Orgasm Blush but I realize these products contain harmful paraben and I am willing to part with them for my health.

I found an interesting sites and stores online the other day and just love it. I have a huge wishlist already.

I am mostly trying to stay away from harmful chemicals because I am obsessed with following Jillian Michaels orders and I want to stay away from any estrogenic products for my health. I already have enough estrogen!

Favorite Products Right Now:

John Masters Organic Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30-
This will more than likely be the next product I will purchase for sun protection. I like that it has a higher SPF than most products I am currently wearing and the fact that it is organic makes it even better. It contains moisturizing extracts of green tea, shea butter and jojoba.

The All-Nighter Hair Powder-
I am using Ojon Dry Shampoo only when I really need to because nothing beats the feeling of clean hair. It works in pinch and I smell grows on you. I have tried several different dry shampoos and it has been the best as far as the feeling and look. I will be buying The All-Nighte when I run out my Ojon to try it out. The All-Nighter contains real silk and no synthetics of any kind! 

Absolutely in Love with the Best Eyeshadow Ever

Ginger - Medium Peachy Apricot Vegan Mineral Eyeshadow - Handcrafted Makeup

I am so in love with this mineral eyeshadow I bought from a fellow Etsy shop. It is most precious and angelic pale peachy apricot color. It is not too glittery, it is just perfect! It glides on so nicely. I normally use BE products but I think this truly beats anything else I have ever tried! I can't wait to try other colors and experiment with the face powder and make a total switch. I really appreciate the fact that it doesn't contain harmful chemicals. The customer service from Sarah was awesome and shipping was excellent. The pricing is affordable and can't wait to do some more shopping (my birthday is coming up so I may be buying myself some little gifts). No Parabens, No Bismuth, No Micronized or Nano minerals, no dyes, and no cornstarch. 

Visit Simplicity Cosmetics on Etsy or Facebook!

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Gynx said...

I absolutely love Simplicity Cosmetics! Her foundation is great too.